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Northern Harmony & Village Harmony

Northern Harmony:
leagues beyond the sky

2012. Northern Harmony

Live recordings from Northern Harmony's autumn 2011 EU-UK tour, directed by Larry Gordan and Patty Cuyler, with special guest directors Mollie Stone and Kenny Shimizu. American shape-note music, music from the Jubilee quartet tradition, and an exciting selection of South African, Georgian, Corsican and Macedonian songs. Plus interpretations of Heinrich Schütz's Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt (17th c.) and Hans Leo Hassler's Nun ganget an ein gus Liedlein zu singen (late-16th c.).
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Northern Harmony:
No Coward Soul

2011. Northern Harmony

Lively performances from Northern Harmony's US-EU-UK tour in the early spring of 2010. A signature eclectically-programmed album with great pieces ranging from traditional Corsican, Georgian, Bulgarian and South African harmonies to contemporary American shape-note songs. Directed by Larry Gordon and Patty Cuyler.
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Best of Village Harmony, 2009-2010

2011. Village Harmony

VH 09-10 CD cover


Includes two CDs.
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This dynamic two-disc album captures memorable performances by twelve different Village Harmony traveling ensembles in New England and abroad during 2009 and 2010.
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music for midwynter

2010. Northern Harmony

Music for the winter solstice season from many centuries
and many cultures. Mostly live recordings from 1998-2005,
featuring four different Northern Harmony ensembles, directed by Larry Gordon and Patty Cuyler. Spanish villancicos, 14th c. French processional songs, early American shape-note songs, traditional English carols, works by Vermont composer Erik Nielsen, early 20th-c. German pieces by Hugo Distler, a folk song arranged by Bulgarian composer Filip Kutev, a Corsican hymn to the Virgin Mary, and more. Some songs are accompanied by a lively English West Gallery-style wind and string band.


2009. Northern Harmony

Northern Harmony's tour in the autumn of 2008 included five weeks of performances in the UK and two weeks in France and Switzerland. Special guest singer Shergil Pirtskhelani (Ensemble Zedashe) from Sighnaghi, Georgia directed most of the Georgian numbers in the program. The album starts out with high-powered South African gospel and doesn't let up. Traditional/contemporary American shape-note (including Mear from William Duckworth's Southern Harmony), Corsican, Georgian, Ukrainian, gospel quartet/blues songs, and the eerily beautiful Missa Brevis by contemporary British composer Edmund Rubbra.

Best of Village Harmony, 2007-2008

VH 07-08 CD cover


Includes two CDs.
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2009. Village Harmony.

This dynamic two-disc album captures memorable performances by twelve different Village Harmony traveling ensembles in New England and abroad during 2007 and 2008. The New England traveling sessions are by teenagers ages 12-19, while the overseas camps--performing in Corsica, Caucasus Georgia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Ukraine and Italy--include a mixture of students and adults. Remarkably, all the ensembles are non-auditioned.


One Sweet Chord

2007. Northern Harmony

One Sweet Chord cover


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A brilliant album of performances from the Northern Harmony 2005 tour of Europe and the UK. A powerful, polished CD, with especially fine Bulgarian and traditional American recordings.

Best of Village Harmony 2005-2006

2007, Village Harmony

VH 05-06 CD cover


Includes two CDs.
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The best of live performance takes from Village Harmony concerts during the summer seasons in 2005 and 2006. The overseas camps included ensembles singing in Caucasus Georgia, Corsica, Germany, Bosnia, and Bulgaria. Double CD album, a sterling collection of songs.

From Pole to Pole

2005, Northern Harmony.

From Pole to Pole CD cover

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This album is a record of Northern Harmony’s two-month tour through the UK in the spring of 2004. Includes a lively set of contemporary shape-note compositions by Don Jamison, Toby Tenenbaum, Seth Houston, Moira Smiley and Chandler York; traditional Shaker and shape-note tunes; as well as a rich selection of songs from Bulgaria, Republic of Georgia and South Africa.

Best of Village Harmony 2003-2004

2005, Village Harmony.

Best of Village Harmony 2003-2004 cover

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This album contains live recordings from both the traveling summer sessions and from the school year group from 2003 and 2004. Spirited performances by twelve different ensembles, with music from Bulgaria, Georgia, Corsica, South Africa, Nigeria, Germany and America.

Where Everything is Music

2002, Northern Harmony.

Where Everything is Music cover

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Recorded in the wake of Northern Harmony's 2002 US tour, this album features poems by Emily Dickinson set to music by Neely Bruce, poems by the Sufi mystic Rumi set to music by Toby Tennenbaum, and three pieces by the 15th-century Italian poet-composer Leonardo Giustiniani. Also enlivening the CD are songs from Bulgaria and the Caucasus Republic of Georgia, and a stunning set of Corsican songs.

Songs from the Northern Harmony songbook

Bayley Hazen Singers, Village Harmony and Friends. Led by Larry Gordon

Songs from Northern Harmony cover

Price: $9.99

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An anthology of recordings from the now out-of-print albums Honor the the Hills (1989), Northern Harmony (1990) and Emerald Stream (1992). All songs are taken from our songbook of old & new shapenote songs — the Northern Harmony.

Heavenly Meeting

1995, Northern Harmony.

Heavenly Meeting CD cover

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In 1994, Larry Gordon led a three-month performing tour with a remarkable group of singers, including Peter and Mary Alice Amidon, Mary Cay Brass, Tim Eriksen, and many Bayley-Hazen Singers and Village Harmony veterans. An eclectic yet related collection of 'folk' tunes: shape-note, English West Gallery, gospel, and Balkan village music.

The Enchantment of Heavenly Love: Music of Neely Bruce

2000, Village Harmony and Friends.

Neely Bruce CD cover

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Neely Bruce is a remarkably gifted and prolific composer, with hundreds of works to his credit in a wide range of styles, from rock opera to classical piano, from simple parlor songs to ultra avant garde vocal techniques. He chooses interesting and graphic texts from unusual sources (the works of Emily Dickinson, the King James Bible, Shaker tunes, and the Old Baptist Hymnal, to name a few), while capturing the traditional shape-note sound and rhythmic drive.