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Northern Harmony & Village Harmony

The Enchantment of Heavenly Love: Music of Neely Bruce

2000, Village Harmony and Friends.

Neely Bruce CD cover

Price: $14.99

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  1. Closing Year
  2. Johnson Road
  3. Butternut
  4. Walkley
  5. Chamberlain Hill
  6. Daniels
  7. Millbrook
  8. Where Ships of Purple
  9. If she had been the mistletoe
  10. Kill your balm
  11. The lilac is an ancient shrub
  12. There is a June when corn is cut
  13. A lady red
  14. All these my banners be
  15. Come to Zion
  16. Enchantment
  17. On Cherub's Wings
  18. I Want to Be Traveling Down, Down
  19. Love, Oh Love
  20. The Living Vine
  21. Help Me, Oh Lord
  22. King of Kings
  23. The Enchantment of Heavenly Love

About this album

Neely Bruce is a remarkably gifted and prolific composer, with hundreds of works to his credit in a phenomenally wide range of styles, from rock opera to classical piano, from simple parlor songs to ultra avant garde vocal techniques.

Bruce writes, "... my view of the shaped note universe is that it is expanding," and his shape-note pieces testify to that view. He chooses interesting and wonderfully graphic texts from unusual sources (the works of Emily Dickinson, the King James Bible, Shaker tunes, and the Old Baptist Hymnal, to name a few), while capturing the traditional shape-note sound and rhythmic drive.

Recorded in 1997 at the historic Strafford Town House in Strafford, VT