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Store: Multimedia

Forged in Fire: Georgian Folk Songs Collected by Ensemble Zedashe

Windows/Mac - compatible CDROM: 22 printable scores and wordsheets PLUS music CD

2007, Ensemble Zedashe

Forged in Fire CDROM cover

Price: $25.00

Or, purchase just the Forged in Fire CD:

Forged in the Fire CD and cover image

Price: $14.99

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Led by Ketevan Mindorashvili, Ensemble Zedashe is a mixed choir based in the beautiful historic town of Sighnaghi in eastern Georgia. Five of the young members of the ensemble come from K’akheti in eastern Georgia; the other two are brothers from the mountains of upper Svaneti in the northwest part of the country. Ensemble Zedashe learned their repertoire from relatives and regional musicians, collected songs and dances in the highlands, and studied hymn singing in some of Georgia’s holiest monasteries.

The repertoire in this book and the accompanying CD were chosen to favor songs from K’akheti and Svaneti.


Complete 75-page printable book (pdf) with music and word-sheets to all of the songs on Ensemble Zedashe’s CD, “Forged in Fire.”

  1. Alilo (1) (Kartl-k’akheti)
  2. Alilo (2) (Kartl-k’akheti)
  3. Bail-betkil (Svaneti)
  4. Bukna ch’ot’o (Svaneti)
  5. Ch’ona (Kartl-k’akheti)
  6. Didi da daidzra (Rach’a-lechkhumi)
  7. Dzveli supruli (Kartl-k’akheti)
  8. Keba tushisa rost’omisa (Kartl-k’akheti)
  9. Kheuro (Kartl-k’akheti)
  10. Krist’e aghsdga (Svaneti)
  11. Maqruli (Kartl-k’akheti)
  12. Metivuri (Kartl-k’akheti)
  13. Meureme (Samegrelo)
  14. Nanila (Svaneti)
  15. Raidio (Svaneti)
  16. Rost’om ch’abik’v (Svaneti)
  17. Sadatz vshobilvar (Guria)
  18. Satrpialo (Samegrelo)
  19. Shairebi (Ach’ara)
  20. Shakara (Kartl-k’akheti)
  21. Shavlego (Kartl-k’akheti)
  22. Ts’mindao ghmerto (Svaneti)